Thanks a lot, A-Roid

Just turned on the NBA All-Star Skills Competition and …

Dwight Howard was on camera. And the camera showed his forehead and it looked kinda swollen … then I thought about him being a “freak of nature” …

Well …

Not accusing him of anything. Just saying. Every superhuman effort must be questioned now.


2 Responses to “Thanks a lot, A-Roid”

  1. Chris Kontos Says:

    It’s like you have to assume that Jeter was on steroids too. And every other player who hasn’t come out against it hardcore in baseball. As for hockey, I have to think that it was being used. Especially HGH as that helps with recovery since the NHL has a much more grueling schedule than baseball.

  2. jamestobrien Says:

    Honestly, it’s hard to imagine any sport being steroid-free.Highly recommend the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” as it exposes the hypocrisy often involved in steroid witch hunts.Deep down, I’m just beaten to numbness by it now. I don’t care anymore – you’re not going to stop it. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying sports.*shrug*

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