Hmmm … is FSN reading CLS?

So, I took a gander at the Boston – Florida game with the Center Ice free preview* and saw an interesting stat overlay that involved “Top Tandems.” Innnnteresting. OK, it’s probably a coincidence but who knows, eh? Now I really wish I knew what effed up my Google Analytics.

One other note: say what you will about Daniel Alfredsson‘s SCF hissy-fit toward Scott Niedermayer, Alfie’s a hockey player. Despite fracturing his jaw … on an Ottawa Senators team that has a snowball’s chance in hell … he still didn’t miss a game. Impressive (though, really, par for the course for hockey players).

* – The “do I or don’t I?” debate for ordering Center Ice got complicated since my car went to poo. Yet, there’s still an outside chance it will make my wallet lighter.


One Response to “Hmmm … is FSN reading CLS?”

  1. Chris Kontos Says:

    I’m really digging the Center Ice free preview as well. This was the first season I got rid of it and man do I miss it.

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