With a heavy heart …

There’s been a nice little run of great news for the blog, but today was a bit of a sad day.

As most can see from looking at the monthly posts in the right sidebar, 2009 (and February in particular) has seen a flurry of activity. Many things contributed to that, but one of the biggest factors ended up being my job. Which ended today.

My job forced me to get up at 6 a.m. to be in the door at 7:30 a.m. Since things were slow, it gave me a solid 6-8 hours to read my favorite blogs, e-mail people for guest posts and come up with ideas like the All-Decade team.

Now, it’s not like I got fired. It was essentially a temp job. So it’s not like this is the first steps in some sort of downward spiral. But in the next two weeks it means looking for a job and then finding one that, in all likely hood, will not give me the same golden opportunity to stay on top of the things.

But there’s no turning back now. Maybe it means more late night posting. Maybe it means leaning on guest posts and contributors. Whatever the case may be, Cycle like the Sedins will go on.

Like my heart.


6 Responses to “With a heavy heart …”

  1. Chris Kontos Says:

    VIVA LA CYCLE!!!Sorry to hear about the job, but you’ve got a great site going (with some AWESOME contributors) so I’m sure as Huey Lewis once said…the heart of the CYCLE is still beatin!

  2. jamestobrien Says:

    Huey Lewis is the shizz. Totally better than that Canadian hooker whose awful song I referenced.It’s just a bummer that I won’t have such a perfect job for blogging, but that won’t stop the cycle.

  3. Vance Says:

    See what you need is a cushy government consulting gig…wait, do you think they’re watching me?shit.

  4. jamestobrien Says:

    You work for the government? I was going to make an “I’m scared” joke but my <>completely, unwaveringly insane<> brother works for the government. So there’s really no comparison.

  5. Vance Says:

    Not for the government, the government is our #1 client. So I work as hard as the government employees do, as in, not.

  6. jamestobrien Says:


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