Round two mini-blogs should be less … mini

Before I begin my trek back to Dallas (bah!) today, it seems prudent to mention that things are shaping up for our round two satellite blogs. Rather than introduce/re-introduce everyone who’s coming on, we’ll mention them when they write their first post.

Amazingly, things are already started at three of the four series blogs:

Cornelius Hardenbergh of Hockey Blog Adventure is back for more Boston Bruins fun, which is greatness because his Boston-Montreal contributions were exactly what we envisioned for this idea in the first place.

Here’s his post; here’s the Boston-Carolina blog link.

Joe echoes a common CLS sentiment (“Fuck you Versus!”) in his initial second round post for the Red Wings – Ducks series. He’s another return contributor who did a great job last round considering the fact that it was a challenge to catch games in the Columbus-Detroit series.

Here’s his post; here’s the Detroit-Anaheim blog link.

Sha Sha of Vancity Canuck and The Hockey Bay is back as well, giving a taste of the Canucks-Hawks TV schedule as well as posting the Youtube video of a fight that was entertaining, memorable AND completely relevant to the series.

Here’s the post; here’s the Vancouver-Chicago blog link.

While we haven’t posted anything yet for Washington-Pittsburgh, we expect there to be PLENTY to write about for Gary Bettman’s ultimate wet dream.

Stay tuned, and update your bookmarks/RSS readers everyone. The second round looks like it will be a doozy.

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