Karmic battle tied: Hockey 1, Horse racing 1

We beat up on NBC all the time. Seriously, we really take out a lot of aggression on the peacock. Seriously.

But let’s give the network a little credit; they stuck with the Anaheim-Detroit game even though it went to three OTs. In fact, the devotion was deep enough to preempt a racing event. Somewhere, Chris Drury is smiling. (Of course, he’s just grinning as he collects his ill-gotten riches). We felt it necessary to provide a subtle hat tip to a network that gets a LOT of abuse from the hockey blogosphere, particularly on this blog. Thanks, NBC. Maybe you’re not so bad after all? (OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves)

The Anaheim Calling gang did a nice breakdown of Game 2 of Detroit-Anaheim. Be sure to check it out.


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