Thoughts through the second intermission

*I love how talking heads always say that Crosby is struggling just by looking at box scores. Yes, he’s having trouble putting up points but he created two sterling opportunities for Bill Guerin that ended up with nothing. How much would he be “struggling” if he had two primary assists?

Crosby needs some help, like … maybe his linemates finishing the chances he creates.

*The Jordan Staal-Tyler Kennedy-Matt Cooke line has been fantastic since the midway point of the Capitals series. While they haven’t scored much, they are dominating puck control and cycling like homeless man’s Sedins. Should the rest of the team adopt a dump-and-chase philosophy?

*Is there a more dangerous guy in the last minute of a period than Johan Franzen? He scored toward the end of the second period in Game 1 and nearly had goals in the waning moments of both periods tonight.

*Evgeni Malkin missed another golden opportunity again, this time off of a one-timer chance. With Crosby fighting through checks and lackluster play from his linemates, Malkin has to make a play in the third period.

*No doubt about it, the Penguins need luck in the third period. I don’t feel great about this at all. Go Pens.

(This was going to be a bullet list but blogspot can’t seem to handle that right now. Am I blaming my own HTML shortcomings on blogspot? Yes.)


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