Quality and Quantity

Well, it appears that we’ve received every draft preview we could so let’s wrap this thing up.

First: if you missed a post at some point (understandable since there are more than 20), every single one is linked on the “draft coverage” sidebar. Amazingly, there are two Edmonton Oilers contributions.

The only teams that went un-covered were the Sharks (didn’t ask anyone because they barely have any draft picks this year), the Penguins, the Blues and the Blue Jackets. Considering all the bloggers who are on vacation (literally and/or figuratively), we’d say that this special was an overwhelming success.

We think that we have a fun idea for the free agent period, but we’ll see how many people we can convince to come back a week after contributing such in-depth and amazing stuff. Big thanks to the bloggers and places that linked to the special itself.

Lastly, we’re wondering: is there anything you’d like us to change about these big specials? Obviously, the posts came in at a barrage but at least it wasn’t all in one day like our epic (and labor intensive) trade deadline stuff. But, enough of that, do you have any suggestions, valued readers?

Have a fun draft day and stick around this summer. We won’t slow down for a while.


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