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Cycle Like Sedins NHL re-draft – July 31

July 31, 2009

This post will be randomly edited and updated throughout the day by me/James, as we see picks being made, so keep checking back, or just go to the picks board to see the latest happenings.

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#19 (#49) – Chris Mason’s facial hair goes to the Phoenix Coyotes
Cap hit: 3.000M/yr
#20 (#50) – Patrick Marleau goes to the St. Louis Blues
Cap hit: 6.300M/yr
#21 (#51) – Marian Hossa returns to the Atlanta Thrashers
Cap hit: 5.233M/yr
#22 (#52) – Shea Weber to the Nashville Predators
Cap hit: 4.500M/yr
#23 (#53) – Pekka Rinne to the Edmonton Oilers
Cap hit: 0.725M/yr
#24 (#54) – Marian Gaborik to the Philadelphia Flyers
Cap hit: 7.500M/yr
#25 (#55) – Tomas Vokoun to the New York Islanders
Cap hit: 5.700M/yr
#26 (#56) – Jonas Hiller to the Chicago Blackhawks
Cap hit: 1.300M/yr
#27 (#57) – Corey Perry to the Dallas Stars
Cap hit: 5.325M/yr
#28 (#58) – Mike Cammalleri to the Tampa Bay Lightning
Cap hit: 6.000M/yr
#29 (#59) – Jonathan Quick to the Vancouver Canucks
Cap hit: 0.770M/yr
#30 (#60) – Mikko Koivu to the Calgary Flames
Cap hit: 3.250M/yr
#1 (#61) – Martin Biron to the Calgary Flames
Cap hit: 1.400M/yr
#2 (#62) – Shane Doan to the Vancouver Canucks
Cap hit: 4.550M/yr
#3 (#63) – Mark Streit to the Tampa Bay Lightning
Cap hit: 4.100M/yr
#4 (#64) – Scott Clemmensen to the Dallas Stars
Cap hit: 1.800M/yr
#5 (#65) – Brian Rafalski to the Chicago Blackhawks
Cap hit: 6.000M/yr
#6 (#66) – Daniel Sedin to the New York Islanders
Cap hit: 6.100M/yr
#7 (#67) – Travis Zajac to the Edmonton Oilers
Cap hit: 3.888M/yr
#8 (#68) – Ryan Kesler to the Edmonton Oilers
Cap hit: 1.750M/yr
#9 (#69) – Simeon Varlamov to the Nashville Predators
Cap hit: 0.822M/yr
#10 (#70) – Marty Turco to the Atlanta Thrashers
Cap hit: 5.700M/yr
Our first trade has also occurred! The Philadelphia Flyers have traded their 3rd rounder (#67) and their 10th rounder (some big number) to the Edmonton Oilers for their 4th (#113) and 5th (#128).

Thursday’s picks

July 31, 2009
Pictured: Marc Andre Fleury

Marc Andre Fleury goes to Rudy Kelly/LA Kings

Cap Hit: $5,000,000


Duncan Keith goes to Joe/Detroit

Cap Hit: $1,475,000 (Damn you, Joe)


Jason Spezza goes to Brenn/CBJ

Cap Hit: $7,000,000


Jay Bouwmeester goes to Rob/Washington

Cap Hit: $6,680,000 (Librarians really aren’t coming cheap these days, are they?)


Devin Setoguchi goes to Frank D/Pittsburgh

Cap Hit: $1,246,667 (Nice!)

Picks Update

July 30, 2009

35. Patrick Kane goes to Vance (Bangin Panger and Double Edged Sabres)/the Buffalo Sabres

Cap Hit: $3,725,000

36. Evgeni Nabokov goes to Hockey Blog Adventure/Boston

Cap Hit: $5,375,000

37. Cam Ward goes to Sens at Land’s End/Ottawa

Cap Hit: $2,666,667

38. Dany Heatley goes to Fear the Fin/San Jose

Cap Hit: $7,500,000

39. Alex Semin goes to Sports and the City-CLS/Toronto

Cap Hit: $4,600,000

40. Martin St. Louis goes to In Lou We Trust/New Jersey

Cap Hit: $5,250,000

41. Dan Boyle goes to Scotty Hockey/New York Rangers

Cap Hit: $6,666,667 (does he worship Satan?)

42. Dion Phaneuf goes to Life and Times of a Caniac/Carolina

Cap Hit: $6,500,000

43. Ryan Miller goes to The Royal Half/Minnesota

Cap Hit: $6,250,000

Wazzupwitchu’s Laura shares her Earliest Hockey Memories

July 29, 2009
Logo by Gray from Couch Tarts

Because we’re on the verge of passing out, we’ll keep this brief: Laura is awesome. You can follow her work on Wazzupwitchu and she recently became a member of St. Louis Blues Gametime, the awesome and gigantic Blues blog for Sports Blog Nation. Congrats, Laura aka Hildy aka Hildymac, and thanks for your contributions!

Here goes… I was little, so there might be a few mistakes in there somewhere. But hey, who can remember back to when they were 8, huh?

Growing up in St. Louis, as anyone who is from there can tell you, there is one game in town: Cardinals baseball. Everyone eats, sleeps, and breathes it – the Post Dispatch would give a Cards/Cubs game bigger coverage than if the Mississippi flowed backwards again (look it up – swear it happened). The Cardinals and their ten World Series wins are the pride and joy of St. Louis sports, and while I will be a Cardinals fan until the day that I die, there’s another team in town who I love just as much – and I don’t care that they haven’t won the Cup.

When I was probably 8 or so, and how this started is iffy, I began watching Blues games on TV. KPLR showed (and did so with some until last season) the Blues home games, and I guess flipping around TV I landed on one. When I was that age, well… that was the beginning of the age of Hull. Luckily I started watching during the end of the Hull and Oates team-up, so I got to see that amazingness first hand. I was fortunate to begin my tenure as a bona fide fan of the Blues during the era with CuJo (new CuJo, not shell of his former self CuJo), Shannahan, Janney, Mrs. Janney, MacInnis, and Hull. My strongest two memories of being a little kid and loving hockey are playing floor hockey with the dog – he was probably not a willing participant – by taping a 12 inch and a 6 inch ruler together as a stick and using one of his tennis balls as a puck; and watching the 1993 series sweep of the Blackhawks in the 1st round of the playoffs. I still remember, as clear as day, the front page headline of the Post-Dispatch: “SWEEP” – complete with a picture of a crying (and probably screaming… damn PMS) Eddie Belfour. I actually think that I have a copy of that still somewhere, though I’m not sure where it is.

My grandmother of all people got me started collecting hockey cards, as well as a subscription to Beckett’s hockey price guide, which is a tradition I still continue with my monthly on-line subscription. This collecting of cards made me aware at a really young age of who the best players were, who the up and coming guys were, all their stats, and of course contributed to my unhealthy goaltender crush. I moved down to Georgia in 1993 which completely killed my hockey trading card addiction, as well as prohibited me from finding friends to whack street hockey balls against the side of the house. I only had my Super Nintendo, NHL ’94, a Blues sweatshirt, and some autographs from Hull, Shanny, and CuJo to get me through those dark, horrible, hockeyless days until 1999 when the Thrashers showed up and I got to watch their first game, a 4-1 loss to the Devils, in person. I adore the Thrashers (as much as they’ll let me) but because of where I’m from and the warmth that I associate with these early hockey memories of a childhood past, well, the Blues are my boys and are still my hometown team.

Florida Panthers two-pack

July 29, 2009
Photo featuring one of the sluttier members of the Booth clan

Making up for lost time, Litter Box Cats selects these two players on behalf of the Florida Panthers:

1. David Booth

Cap Hit: $4,250,000

2. Steve Mason

Cap Hit: $900,000

(For the record, I’d like to take 90 to 100 percent credit for the Mason pick. Damn me and my hasty e-mails. The Booth pick was all Whale4Ever, though.)

Catching up with today’s picks

July 29, 2009

(So, there was a bit of a snafu. Perhaps we’ll divulge the minute details when our eyes aren’t twitching from fatigue. In the mean time, we’ll just lay down the picks and their cap hits.)

“28th” pick: Eric Staal to the Anaheim Ducks by way of Crash the Crease.

Cap Hit: $8,250,000

29th pick: Scott Niedermayer to the Montreal Canadiens by way of Posts for a Post/JC

Scott Nidermayer (left) to Getzlaf on his hair loss: “It’s not your fault. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!”

Cap Hit: $6,750,000

30th pick: Simon Gagne to the Colorado Avalanche by way of Jibblescribbits

Cap Hit: $5,250,000

31st pick (first of the second round): Mike Ribeiro to the Avs by way of Jibbles

Cap Hit: $5,000,000

32nd pick: Anze Kopitar to the Montreal Canadiens by way of Posts for a Post

Cap Hit: $6,800,000

33rd pick: Tim Thomas to the Anaheim Ducks by Crash the Crease

Cap Hit: $5,000,000

With the 26th overall pick, the Buffalo Sabres select…

July 27, 2009

#26 – Henrik Zetterberg to the Buffalo Sabres (selected by Vance of BanginPanger)

A picture of Hank’s girlfriend is way better than a picture of Hank himself
Cap hit: 6.083M/yr

Update: Thoughts from Vance at Double Edged Sabres.

With the 25h overall pick, the Boston Bruins select…

July 27, 2009

#25 – Joe Thornton to the Boston Bruins (selected by Cornelius Hardenbergh of Hockey Blog Adventure)

Obviously, Cornelius beat the shit out of Thornton and dragged him back to Boston
Cap hit: 7.200M/yr
(…something… can be found here. And apparently Cornelius immediately zeroed in on the same picture of Thornton that I did)

With the 24th overall pick, the Ottawa Senators select…

July 27, 2009

#24 – Rick Nash to the Ottawa Senators (selected by Meaghan of Sens At Land’s End)

Rick Nash
He’s so dreamy!
Cap hit: 5.400M/yr

Meaghan’s dicsussion of the pick can be found here.

With the 23rd Overall Pick, the San Jose Sharks select….

July 27, 2009

Captain Elbows to the San Jose Sharks by Jason at Fear the Fin.

A still image from the unreleased Chris Pronger sex tape.

Cap Hit: $6,250,000