Re-Drafting the League

Toward the end of yesterday’s NHL 10 post, we posed the question: if you could choose one player to build a team around, who would it be?

At some point in the wonderful Twitter process, the idea began to grow larger: how cool would it be if we did a “Fantasy Draft” with bloggers posing as team GMs (or … something to that effect)? While the discussion seemed pretty enthusiastic, the exact details are still a little hazy. We’re not sure if it would be better to do it through e-mail, some sort of live draft or what.

Some people have already shown some interest, but we thought we’d throw it out there before sending out spam e-mails and what not. Would this be something you’d find interesting? Perhaps you’d like to get involved? Feel free to use the comments as a forum for brainstorming and send us e-mails ( if you’d like to be involved.

Is this something you’d find entertaining?


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