Re-drafting the League: Revealing picks 6-10!

Earlier today, the first 5 spots in the redrafting the league project were revealed. Given that the first two picks went to Western Canadian teams, this draft is definitely not “fixed”, like the 2005 entry draft was. Right, Pittsburgh? Anyways, those first 5 picks look like this:

#1) Calgary Flames (Kent from Five Hole Fanatics/Matchsticks & Gasoline)
#2) Vancouver Canucks (Vancity Canuck)
#3) Tampa Bay Lightning (Cassie and/or Raw Charge)
#4) Dallas Stars (Defending Big D)
#5) Chicago Blackhawks (All Hawks – Clare)

I wonder if the fantasy Chicago Blackhawks are going to mismanage their cap into the ground as well? Here’s hoping, since I’ll be fighting them for a divisional crown.

Now, to reveal the next 5 picks…

#6) New York Islanders
#7) Philadelphia Flyers (Paul Hinrichsen)
#8) Edmonton Oilers (Strange Deadfellows)
#9) Nashville Predators (Section 303)
#10) Atlanta Thrashers (Blueland Chronicle)

Of those top 10 picks, only 1, the #6 seeded New York Islanders are in need of a General Manager. Someone get on it! And be sure to check back tomorrow morning for picks 11-15!


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