Re-drafting the League: Revealing picks 21-25!

Welcome to the last day of the CLS Re-drafting the League draft order revealing! So far, through 20 teams and 2 days, the list looks like such:
#1) Calgary Flames (Kent from Five Hole Fanatics/Matchsticks & Gasoline)
#2) Vancouver Canucks (Vancity Canuck)
#3) Tampa Bay Lightning (Cassie and/or Raw Charge)
#4) Dallas Stars (Defending Big D)
#5) Chicago Blackhawks (All Hawks – Clare)

#6) New York Islanders
#7) Philadelphia Flyers (Paul Hinrichsen)
#8) Edmonton Oilers (Strange Deadfellows)
#9) Nashville Predators (Section 303)
#10) Atlanta Thrashers (Blueland Chronicle)
#11) St. Louis Blues (Laura of Wazzupwitchu/SLGT)
#12) Phoenix Coyotes (Five For Howling)
#13) Pittsburgh Penguins (Pensburgh)
#14) Washington Capitals (Storming the Crease)
#15) Columbus Blue Jackets
#16) Detroit Red Wings (Sacrifice the Body)
#17) Los Angeles Kings (Rudy Kelly)
#18) Minnesota Wild
#19) Carolina Hurricanes (Life and Times of a Caniac)
#20) New York Rangers (Scotty Hockey)
We only have 10 teams left, so who placed into slots 21-25?
#21) New Jersey Devils (In Lou We Trust)
#22) Toronto Maple Leafs (Eyebleaf – Sports and the City)
#23) San Jose Sharks (Mr. Plank – Fear The Fin)
#24) Ottawa Senators
#25) Boston Bruins (Hockey Blog Adventure)
If you’re one of the last 5 who doesn’t have a team, then you can tune in later tonight to see what spot you’ll be selecting at. If you already know where your draft slot is, tune in anyways to laugh at the teams that got screwed into the end of the draft!


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