Cycle Like Sedins NHL re-draft – August 05

4-12 (#102) – Jordan Staal to the Carolina Hurricanes

Cap hit: 4.000M/yr
4-13 (#103) – Robyn Regehr to the Dallas Stars
Cap hit: 4.020M/yr
4-14 (#104) – Ray Whitney to the Los Angeles Kings
Cap hit: 3.550M/yr

4-15(#105) – Niklas Kronwall to the Edmonton Oilers
Cap Hit: $3,000,000

4-16(#106) – Luke Schenn to the Columbus Blue Jackets
Cap Hit: $2,975,000

4-17(#107) – Loui Eriksson to the Washington Capitals
Cap Hit: $1,600,000

4-18(#108) – Dustin Byfuglien to the Pittsburgh Penguins
Cap Hit: $3,000,000

4-19(#109) – Michael Ryder to the Phoenix Coyotes
Cap Hit: $4,000,000

4-20(#110) – Bryan Little to the St. Louis Blues
Cap Hit: $900,000


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