The CLS Fantasy Hockey Guide Part 1: links to live by

Expect this bad boy to be updated regularly with tips, tricks and suggestions throughout the next few weeks. Feel free to suggest Web sites via comments or e-mail (

My Favorites
Chris Nichols (’s fantasy hockey expert): Nichols does two things that sets him apart from run-of-the-mill fantasy hockey experts. He does daily updates on every regular season game played so you can follow up-to-the minute line situations (just don’t be TOO reactionary) and he also answers ultra specific team questions if you e-mail him at the appropriate times. He’s my number one source for fantasy hockey.
[It doesn’t hurt that he was courteous enough to answer my inane questions last year.]
Dobber Hockey: this site is new to me, but damn if it isn’t awesome. While I find their daily columns hit-or-miss, it’s the knick knacks of the site itself that blow me away. You can compare 7 players side-by-side with their “Compare Player” feature, rank up to 250 players in a wide variety of custom stats and use the site in a dizzying array of different ways.
Perhaps the #1 way to waste your time overpreparing for fantasy hockey this year.
Goalie Post: Once the season starts, Goalie Post is arguably the second most important site to visit (behind the host of your fantasy hockey league). It was astoundingly accurate during the 2008-09 season, so here’s to hoping they are as dead-on this year.
The key source to clarify which goalies are starting.
Tristan Cockroft’s Fantasy Forecaster: This link will obviously need to be updated once the regular season starts, but Cockroft’s weekly fantasy forecasts were a late season goldmine. They include teams that are facing weak schedules that week, how many games each team plays and other valuable advice.
Especially recommended for rotiserrie leagues, but either way it’s a great source of information.
Top Player Lists of varying quality
ESPN’s 2009-10 Projections
Yahoo! Big Board (50 players)
Dobber Hockey’s top 300’s positional rankings:
Diamonds in the Rough (good stuff: European transfers, guys who aren’t under contract, coaching changes, etc. Sometimes a little TOO comprehensive though because a lot of those “Impact” Rookies don’t look like they’ll be pros.)
Crash the Crease‘s nifty Forecaster
Last update: Labor Day

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