The Sore Thumb: Atlanta Thrashers

For Atlanta Thrashers (and often St. Louis Blues) thoughts, I often go to Laura from Wazzupwitchu and St. Louis Blues Game Time and that’s exactly what happened this time around. On top of that blogging goodness, she also a very prolific person on Twitter to boot. Not too shabby.

All in-depth analysis aside, what flaw or weakness in your team sticks out like a sore thumb?

The biggest flaw? Defense. Not the people playing defense (thankfully, I can finally say that), but the system. Coach Anderson’s system relies on offense to a high degree, and he expects puck moving and playmaking (as well as scoring) from the defensemen. That is fantastic, but when you emphasize that too much, D starts to suffer. We’re still probably going to allow at least 30 SOG each game, and that’s concerning with Pavelec in net. I’ll reiterate my opinion of him being a good goalie in a few years, but he’s not 100% NHL ready. Of course, there’s Hedberg, who is a damn fine backup and a great person, but not a starter… and there’s that other dude… can’t quite remember his name, but I heard he used to be a pretty good goalie until he realized he was made of glass… yeah. Name escapes me. Been too long since I’ve actually seen him to confirm that he exists.

Huh. Apparently that makes 2 flaws. But by God, we are going to score. A lot. Hopefully it’ll be more than the other guys.


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