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Hockey Blogosphere Dictionary: What the (Fugees) is a Corsi Number?

March 12, 2009
Corsi, not Corso, silly.

At the moment, Cycle like the Sedins is probably a “five out of ten” on the hockey newb-friendly scale we’d say. On one hand, there are niche-y references to hockey players and situations only a diehard can love. But we still put up pictures of bloody hockey players, make pun-y jokes and generally act too silly for our own good.

In an effort to make the hockey blogosphere a friendlier place, we’ll occasionally try to explain some of the insider stuff to outsiders. (And help other insiders who don’t know key phrases, events, etc.)

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For the last two weeks, I’ve been seeing a stat that made me honest-to-God go blank: Corsi numbers. As a person once hateful toward mind numbing stat analysis, the concepts of deep contextual hockey stat breakdowns are still slowly absorbing into my gray matter.


Corsi Number : Frustrated with the minimal understanding of a player’s impact shown by the plus/minus stat, statheads came up with another way to look at on-ice defense and offense.

The easiest one-line explanation of a player’s Corsi Number is “the number of shots directed on net while a player is on the ice.” That came from Hockey Numbers, which has a solid and more in-depth study of the Corsi Number:

“Corsi number is the number of shots directed towards the net while the player is on the ice. The number can be broken down into whose net the shots are directed towards (their own net (-) and their opponent’s net (+)) similar to the plus minus statistic. The hope of course is that the Corsi plus minus would correlate well with the regular plus minus, but because the numbers will be 16x larger than plus minus numbers they’ll be about 4x more accurate than the plus minus numbers.”

So there it is for us, the drooling masses with our unwashed hair and stained T-shirts.