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The Magic of MS Paint

April 11, 2009
Paint job by: britdevil from the HF Forums

Stumbled on a hilarious thread at HF Forums that features a bunch of marvelous works of Microsoft Paint art related to NHL logos and (in)famous moments in hockey history. There’s not enough room here to show them all (highly recommend checking them all out, though) but here’s some of my favorites:

Alex Ovechkin (Paint job by: britdevil from the HF Forums)

Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz (real and in Paint)


Hilarious Paint rendering of a hysterical Olli Jokinen photo

Paint job by: britdevil from the HF Forums***

Borderline impressionistic take on the Alex Semin fight


Two humiliating Ryan O’Byrne moments in one great drawing

Edit: Somehow, I forgot the most obvious one (thanks, Amy).

Das Sedins!