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CLS’ #unpublishedNHLbooks entries

November 13, 2009

Inspiration for “Fight Club” by Alex Semin

Originally I was planning on compiling a “Greatest Hits” of the entire Twitterverse, but that task quickly became overwhelming. Just scroll through the entries in the #unpublishedNHLbooks feed and you’ll see that it’s a pretty mind blowing compilation of brilliance (along with squabbles between Penguins, Red Wings, Maple Leafs and Senators fans, etc.).

By no means do I think that mine are the best, but there are a few borderline gems (in my opinion). Feel free to share your favorite(s) in the comments or even share a few of your own if you still think Twitter is just about sharing your grocery lists and news about bowel movements.
Anyway, here’s a full stream of these fake book ideas. Don’t hesitate to admonish/glorify any particularly great/terrible pieces of imaginary literature. (My Twitter Feed)

  1. 50 Easy Insect Recipes by Ray Emery #unpublishedNHLbooks

  2. The Fax of Life by Dale Tallon #unpublishedNHLbooks

  3. “Fight Club” by Alex Semin

  4. “Empty Net” by Patrik Stefan #unpublishedNHLbooks

  5. Modern ILLiterature by Jacques Demers #unpublishedNHLbooks
    I assume someone’s already done “Cents and Sensibility” by Patrick Kane, right? #unpublishedNHLbooks

  6. (I ate) The Three Musketeers by Kyle Wellwood#unpublishedNHLbooks

    “Les Miserables” by Vesa Toskala and the Carolina Hurricanes#unpublishedNHLbooks

  7. “Crime and Punishment” by Colin Campbell #unpublishedNHLbooks

  8. “The Blindside” by Scott Stevens #unpublishedNHLbooks

  9. “Turn the Lights off, my head hurts” by Eric Lindros#unpublishedNHLbooks

  10. “Season on the Brink” by the Phoenix Coyotes#unpublishedNHLbooks