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Re-Draft Steals: Round 1

August 4, 2009

With the fourth round underway, it seems like there is enough separation to have a little fun with the CLS League Re-Draft.

To revive your memories of the first round, there were some big surprises amid the expected decisions.

Obviously, the biggest surprise was most likely Cassie‘s pick of Henrik Lundqvist at #3. It wasn’t the only pick that defied expectations, however, so there were some top-end players going toward the end of the first round.

Calling Evgeni Malkin (#4), Nicklas Lidstrom (#6) or Pavel Datsyuk (#7) steals might be a bit much, even if they were great picks. So for the sake of argument, we’ll go into the teens before we consider anyone a true “steal.” Feel free to vote and comment on whom you think ended up being the Hamburglar of the first round.

It’s not crazy to call Geno a steal at #4

11. Roberto Luongo

Perhaps it wasn’t a banner season for Bobby Lou after he faced a tough mid-season injury and fell victim to a Patrick Kane hat trick in the playoffs, but it’s still surprising that he was not the first goaltender taken.

16. Jarome Iginla

It’s been a while since Iginla powered the Calgary Flames to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but he hasn’t shown many signs of slowing down as one of the premier power forwards in the game. He does everything you’d want, from scoring to fighting to being a charismatic leader.

19. Martin Brodeur

His stock is sliding a bit, but Brodeur is still one of the biggest names in the NHL. He’s won Stanley Cups, Vezina trophies, gold medals and oh yeah, the most games of any netminder ever. Couple that with a reasonable cap hit ($5.2 million) and what was a staggering workhorse streak before the 2008-9 season and he has to at least be considered a steal.

23. Chris Pronger

Pronger might be the most hated player in the NHL, considering that he poses a far more legitimate threat than Sean Avery‘s mouth. But for my money, if I want to win a Cup next year I’d either go with Pronger. He might not be as cerebral as Lidstrom, but that doesn’t mean he cannot think the game. He might not be as large as Zdeno Chara, but he makes up for their small size difference with an indifference for human life. Oh, and he’s also a helluva powerplay quarterback to boot.

25. Joe Thornton

Yes, he gets a lot of crap for his playoff chokings (whether that perception is fair or not) but Jumbo Joe is a guy who’s made millionaires out of solid forwards ever since he got comfortable in the league. He’s huge, awesome in video games and puts up huge numbers every year. In my book, he’s easily a top-15 player.

26. Henrik Zetterberg

Zetterberg can do it all. He’s one of the league’s best two-way players, can shift between center and LW with ease and score tons of points. His durability can be a bit of a concern, but other than that he’s a guy who has no business dropping to the later part of the first round.

Which player was the steal of the first round?(opinion)

Cast your All-Decade Team votes

February 11, 2009

OK, folks, it’s getting close to time to decide the All-Decade team. After some thought I came to the decision to put up polls for the remaining spots (wings and centers). The deadline to vote is Sunday morning.

As for my friendly correspondents, please e-mail me your choices by Monday. I’ll e-mail you soon to give you a heads up. If you see this before that e-mail is sent, drop me an e-mail. (Joe P. obviously doesn’t need to do this)

For guidance:

All-Decade Centers post

All-Decade Wingers post

Previous poll results:

Coach of the Decade

Mike Babcock 4 (66%)

Lindy Ruff 1 (16%)

Barry Trotz 0 (0%)

Ken Hitchcock 0 (0%)

Jacques Lemaire 0 (0%)

Ron Wilson 1 (16%)

other 0 (0%)

Votes: 6

Second defenseman (since Nicklas Lidstrom obviously is one of them):

Chris Pronger 13 (34%)

Scott Niedermayer 14 (36%)

Rob Blake 3 (7%)

Brian Rafalski 7 (18%)

other 1 (2%)

Votes: 38

Biggest Loudmouth

Sean Avery 12 (75%)

Jeremy Roenick 1 (6%)

Brett Hull 1 (6%)

Sean Avery 12 (75%)

John Tortorella 0 (0%)

Don Cherry 2 (12%)

Other 0 (0%)

Votes: 16

The All-Goose Egg Team or The Robert Parrish Decade Squad

January 13, 2009

Is anyone sort of dumbfounded that it’s already 2009? Seriously, has it been about 10 years since we thought that Y2K would destroy the internet and everyone would eat soup for three months? Crazy.

Even though there’s two-half seasons left before 2010 hits, I thought it would be fun to get a head start by beginning the process of determining who would be on an All-Decade team. To still keep it somewhat resembling a decade, we’ll start from the 1999-2000 season up to today (January 13). Since it would be greedy to leave the voting to me, I will look to the masses for support, opinions and votes. In fact, the first poll is of considerable importance (vote below).

Don’t hold me to this, but the plan is to have a post per category.

All-Decade Center

Two All-Decade Wingers (because these guys tend to switch around)

Two All-Decade Defensemen

All-Decade Goalie

and maybe some fun categories:

All-Decade Loudmouth

All-Decade Goat

All-Decade Pugilist

Any other categories you’d like to see?

How should the CLS All-Decade team be determined
( polls)