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A rare foray into fanboyism

August 19, 2009

Just thought I’d pass along the little questionnaire I did for A View From the Cheap Seats. It’s a rare moment in which my Penguins fan roots show loudly and regularly. There’s also a joke about foot fetishes and Alex Ovechkin‘s less-than-stellar back checking tendencies. Enjoy and make sure you read the other questionnaires, even if they’re not as awesome. Naturally.

Quick hits

April 15, 2009

OK, there’s a LOT that’s going on right now so keep your refreshing instincts keen. Outside the blog I need to buy plane tickets to California and pay my taxes, but inside the blog there’s a crapload going on, too.

Check out the sidebar for the posts that are up so far, but I’ll put up some fancy little intro’s for those who need a little taste of what’s in the mini-blogs. We might have a friend of the blog cover the Chicago/Calgary series but there’s still a few left if you’d like to jump on board.

In the mean time, check out Bangin Panger for our reverse guest posts in the “Onus” series. Also, Vance put up a great little post about blogging that is worth reading.

By the way, with all that’s going on I haven’t been able to keep the blogroll current. Please e-mail me if you’d like to be included.

Finally, it sounds like Spade in Victor Hell of Battle of California commenting fame will be joining me for Game 4 of the BoC, so that’s one big relief. Hopefully he’ll be kind and leave my bulbous gut out of any potential cartooning.

Onus Brothers

April 12, 2009

Our amigos at Bangin Panger asked us to participate in their pre-playoff special, choosing one player per team who will make-or-break his squad’s fortunes. The first post features the No. 1 seeds San Jose and Boston, with my choices plus those of the two Bangin Panger dudes and also Reed CK from Capitals Kremlin. We’ll let you know when each one goes up.

Hope that you enjoy it and your Easter.

Coming soon: more Hockey Orphan, including an afternoon offering from the vaunted Puck Huffers. Keep your eyes peeled kids.

For those fools who’d like to hear my voice

April 7, 2009

Click above for the Puck Cast with the (kick ass) guys at Hockeenight. Hopefully, my posting of that will not stop you from checking out their blog and their past Puck Casts (featuring friend de la blog Earl Sleek among others). If the above embedded file doesn’t work, try downloading/streaming the mp3 version (you can find that in the past Puck Casts link above).

Thankfully, the guys were nice enough to tolerate my egotistical asides about pro wrestling and my green-ness when it came to talking over them and interrupting their superior thoughts. The real highlights are when we talk about Big Van Vader‘s man boobs, a shockingly ill-conceived Chicago Blackhawks promotional night and some other weird stuff.

It’s recommended to listen to the whole thing because it really picked up in the middle and end.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hate my voice that much although I think I have a mild lisp. Feel free to discuss/openly mock me in the comments. Hopefully you’ll find it as entertaining as it was fun to do. Thanks, forklift and CT! Perhaps we’ll do this thing again sometime soon.

WHHHHHHATTTT? Cycle like the Sedins actually writes a guest post for someone else

March 5, 2009

My buddies I wouldn’t recognize on a city street at Bangin’ Panger axed me to add my thoughts to their Winners/Losers/Bamboozlers special.* After smelling how bad my belly button was, it dawned on me that I should “give back.” Then I whined a LOT. Then something else. Somehow I ended up writing something in the process.

Here’s the two that have gone up so far (we’ll throw up one more update link when the third one goes up):

The Winners

The above link includes MANY classy lines from myself and the Bangin’ gang, including:

“Beyond wife banging conjecture, the Oilers added a solid, versatile forward who has a year or two left on a very affordable contract and only lost a pending UFA (Erik Cole) who may have had his talent removed after Brooks Orpik wrecked his vertebrate.”

The Losers

“Gotta love the fact that the Philadelphia Flyers added yet another immobile defenseman in Kyle McLaren. Was Derian Hatcher getting lonely at the back of every Herbie drill? (Is Derian Hatcher still alive/on the Flyers?)”

* – That’s not what it’s called. Jesus.

UPDATE: Final thoughts