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April 11, 2009

There have been a bunch of Hockey Orphan entries the last couple weeks, so we thought it would be a smart idea to point fans of the recently represented teams to posts that they might find interesting and/or entertaining.

Montreal Canadiens (
Written by HabsFan29 from Four Habs Fans)

Twinsies: How the Montreal Canadiens are the NHL’s version of the Boston Celtics

The Canadiens would be the most exciting matchup for the Boston Bruins

Columbus Blue Jackets (
Written by Bethany from Bethany’s Rants)

Chris Kontos thought the Blue Jackets would be the San Jose Sharks’ best dance partner

Florida Panthers (
Written by Whale4Ever from Litter Box Cats)

Who IS Jay Bouwmeester, anyway?

The Return of the Rat Pack

10 Things that are cool about the Florida Panthers

New Jersey Devils (Written by John Fischer from In Lou We Trust)

A post with a bunch of the Brodeur links

Comparing Brodeur to the Plantes and Vezinas of yore is a losing endeavor

Brodeur is voted the goalie of the aughts

Are Brodeur-type workhorse goalies a dying breed?

Remember when the hockey world was stunned that the Devils seemed like they didn’t miss a beat without Brody?

Philadelphia Flyers (Written by FGSB from Flyers Goal Scored By)

Salary Cap Outlook: Flyers

San Jose Sharks (Written by Gray from Couch Tarts)

Dance Partners: San Jose

Both teams have had their struggles, but it’s interesting that Boston – San Jose still might have been a Stanley Cup preview


Of course, there is also a bunch of content on all the Hockey Orphan teams in our trade deadline coverage as well.

Quick hits/what you might have missed

April 3, 2009

  • So, the Boston Bruins signed Tim Thomas to a 2 or 3 year deal with a $5 million per year contract. Expect a salary cap outlook on them soon, but my overall review: “thumbs up.” The cap hit isn’t too big and the Bruins are allowed to buy him out if necessary. Can’t ask for much more than that.
  • It stuns me that people are so hypercritical of the Montreal Canadiens (although, I know, I KNOW that hockey is a bigger deal in Canada) when the New York Rangers missing the playoffs would be WAY more detrimental. Bloggers point out all the UFAs the Habs have while simultaneously mocking them for character issues – isn’t it a good thing that Bob Gainey could give that team a makeover, then? Sometimes I just hate the Internet.

Lots of posts this week, so here’s a list of some of the more significant ones in case you missed them:

The hockey in Japan post by Chris Kontos, which is now a bit of a solemn read since it ended up being the second to last game in the history of the Seibu Prince Rabbits. Bummer.

So far, we’ve compared the Edmonton Oilers to the San Fran 49ers, the Montreal Canadiens to the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Red Wings to the Los Angeles Lakers. The question is: are you still enjoying these comparisons?

Apparently, the world has moved on from midgets and monkeys. We’ll have to file that post in the “Things that only made us laugh” category with The Post Americanizing Weird NHL Names, the Post With an Elaborate Jesus Joke and a few others.

Keep your eyes open for more Hockey Orphan entries in the next few days. Check the master post for all we’ve featured on CLS so far.

  • We’re a little starved for feedback here in Cycleland. Send us an e-mail or leave a comment if there’s a feature you cannot stand, couldn’t live without or whatever. You’d be surprised how one pointed comment can alter the course of a blog. Seriously, give our junk mail some company (

In the rear view; on the horizon

March 7, 2009

What a week. Like a lot of bloggers, it seems like we are still sort of recovering from the trade deadline. And we would argue that we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the big boys when it came to our trade deadline coverage.

Let’s take a step back and look at some of the people who contributed:

  • The Forechecker” one of the hockey blogosphere’s most popular number crunchers.
  • The always entertaining Chief from Abel to Yzerman.
  • Another great contributor from Kuklas Korner, Bethany’s Hockey Rants.
  • We had three posts from the impressively growing Atlanta Thrashers blogosphere and four entries from Pittsburgh Penguins bloggers.
  • The Pacific division post was covered completely by my homies at SBN, including my BoC mates Earl Sleek and Rudy Kelly.
  • There were two great posts from the guys at Bangin’ Panger.

Really, it was an amazing experience as the hockey blogosphere keeps confirming itself as a wonderful community bursting with talent. We were able to cover every NHL team except: the Edmonton Oilers.

We never would have guessed that Oilers blogosphere would be the only side we didn’t hear from. Is Cycle like the Sedins too goofy and rough around the edges for the highfalutin Edmonton bloggers? Did our e-mails just get banished to Junk Mail Damnation? Did the Oil bloggers see our e-mails, roll their eyes and do the “jacking off” hand motion? Perhaps we’ll never know.

(That being said, no hard feelings. The door is wide open for Oilblogospherebloggers in the future. We’re just kind of surprised that the Oilers were the only team not covered.)

There might be one more trade deadline post comparing the predictions/”if they were the GM” posts to what actually happened, but don’t quote us on that.

Right before our massive trade deadline special, we announced the final All-Decade team roster.

We’re going to take one more spin-o-rama around the All-Decade subject and publish a series of posts that debate who will be on the Next decade team. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate it for what it is: a purely speculative, fun debate. The idea is still in its infant stages, so drop me a line if you’d like to be involved.

Next week should include more typical features like the Morning Cycle, Dance Partners, perhaps a Hockey Orphan entry and the usual weekly fare.

Things are going well here at Cycle like the Sedins, but we’re always looking for more great contributors. If you feel like your skills are bigger than just your team related blog or simply want to get in on the fun, drop me a line at No promises that you’ll become a regular, but Chris Kontos dropped me a line and now he’s kicking ass with routinely superior postings.

Anyway, stay tuned CLS-ers. Should be another fun week of hockey blogging and rebel rousing.

Stay tuned! (plus the week in review)

February 21, 2009

As recently as last month, things would really taper off during the weekend. That no longer seems to be the trend thanks to Sleek last weekend and what’s coming up.

At the very least, the blog will feature the choices of Eric McErlain (one of the most well-respected, influential members of the hockey blogosphere) as well as my own (one of the people who will eventually be considered influenza* to the hockey blogosphere).

In fact, CLS is in negotiations^ with a few other prominent hockey bloggers to submit their All-Decade Team picks as well. Sure, the process is taking a while … but it’s not like you get to name the players of the decade very often, right?

ANYWAY, here’s this week’s highlights:

Snarky relections on the Montreal scandal
Chris Kontos gives his All-Decade picks
Joe Pelletier shares his All-Decade team
Two posts on the rise of goaltender duos
All-Decade Center: Pro-Thornton take by Couch Tarts
Jibblescribbits: Sakic for all decade C (check the comments for a jaw dropping beating Doug Gilmour received from Burnaby Joe)
Morning cycle: on NBC’s poor game choice, Therrien firing, Russians on the Caps and a question regarding the Blackhawks’ place in the Western Conference
Sleek’s take on the Pronger vs. Niedermayer debate

Make sure you check out those guest posts.

Oh, one more thing:

CLS now features three more posts in 2009 than 2008 (59 counting this one versus 56 last year). The site *really* started in October, so it’s not as huge of a jump as it might seem. Still, this year’s already a lot more productive. Hopefully the blog remains that way.

* – Like what I did there? Ho ho.

^ – This means sending a couple e-mails

Big week for CLS; an even bigger one next week

February 13, 2009

A lot’s happened this week at Cycle like the Sedins. There’s a new, more generic but easier to read layout. There have also been enough posts this week that stuff from Monday isn’t even on the front page (pretty sure that’s a first). And next week will be even bigger as the All-Decade Team wraps up with some sure-to-be-interesting guest posts.

This week’s posts (most interesting ones in bold)

Osgood: no HOF’er
Clare from All Hawks Hockey on the Chicago Blackhawks (Hockey Orphan)
This post could have been 100 percent better
Non-essential post about a clever business card
Vote for the All-Decade Team, dam-nit!
Jack Falla is a beast
About Cycle like the Sedins
Chastizing those who didn’t watch Boston vs. San Jose (it worked — highest rated Versus game so far this season!)
Some Penguins thoughts

And, for the hell of it, the stuff I wrote for Battle of California:

Los Angeles Kings and the Western Conference playoff bubble
My absurd professional wrestling and hockey post

Oh, and if you want to follow my work only at BoC (for some weird reason) or want an easy way to look at all my articles to point out how many times I lean on Sean Avery jokes, click here.

Finally, scoot over to Greatest Hockey Legends for Joe Pelletier’s nation-by-nation (at least the relevant ones) look at next year’s Canadian Olympics. Good stuff.

The Week That ‘Twas

October 12, 2008

After what is more or less the first week of Cycle like the Sedins, I figure that a post with the most relevant links is in order for those of you who are against side-of-the-blog archives. But first, here’s a quick re-post of a request I made on Battle of California:

Very quickly into my perusing of the hockey blogosphere, it became clear that there are a ton of NHL team blogs and sometimes very little to suggest that one is empirically or artistically or functionally superior.

We all gravitate to blogs that feature our favorite teams and, once we’ve covered our teams, then maybe our favorite writers. Or Photoshops.

I figured posting this on BoC first would be the best move while Cycle like the Sedins works through its training wheels stage.

Simply put, I want to know what other blogs BoCers follow: blogs that capture the spirit of their team or at least deliver a helluva one-liner.

Naturally, teams such as Washington, Edmonton, Detroit and Pittsburgh are covered very nicely (not to mention the BoC teams of course).

But what about other teams? Are there some heavyweights one cannot ever forget? What about some “diamonds in the rough”? Feel free to nominate your own blogs, your best friend’s blog or a blog owned by someone you want to see naked. It matters little to me.

Don’t be shy.

Anyway, here’s the CLS posts of the week:

Abel’s Intro

Deidre’s Intro

Work in Progress

Nitpicking NHL ’09

Hockey Orphan – Sleek

Hockey Orphan overall

Fantasy Hockey shtick