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Great news and a unique opportunity

April 15, 2009
Retiring the Sleek logo … although we might have something up our sleeve next year 😉

Before we get into the playoffs news, one quick order of business:

We were able to get a team blogger for every playoff team to contribute a Hockey Orphan! Great stuff, everyone. Clearly, it’s part of my diabolical scheme to slowly fool people into thinking CLS features great writing by getting great writers to contribute! Mooouhahahaha.

ANYWAY, all cackling aside, thanks a bunch to all the Hockey Orphan contributors. Read all the entries.


OK, now onto the playoffs.

We’ve been shooting for the stars a lot here at CLS lately, but this might be the dumbest cockamamie-est scheme yet. Every playoff series (except the Battle of California) gets its own “satellite” blog!

There will still be plenty of goings-on here at the mother ship, but for those of you who want to get really in-depth, the series specific mini-blogs will be the place to go. Right now, they’re infants but they will hopefully grow far out of control.

In fact, this might be a unique opportunity for a lurker to evolve into a contributor. We’re looking for “editors” for each series mini-blog, so if you think you have the chops drop me a line at

Here are the mini-blogs in need of an editor:

Calgary vs. Chicago

Detroit vs. Columbus

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

Vancouver vs. St. Louis

Here are the mini-blogs that currently have an editor, but would be more than interested in having some extra help:

Boston vs. Montreal

Washington vs. New York Rangers

New Jersey vs. Carolina

(And again, we’re not touching Anaheim – San Jose because Battle of California and Fear the Fin are all over that like Hitchock on a deep dish pizza)