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Maritn Havlat Glitch Goal Voodoo.

October 16, 2008

Remember in NHL 08 when all you had to do was glide across the slot and aim for the the top right of the post to out fox the goalie? I score this exact same way all the time in NHL 09.

Hats off to Havlat for displaying proper fist pump professionalism there at the end.

The always expanding YouTube links: Goals

October 7, 2008

Here’s an expansive list of the greatest goals/goal compilations one can find on YouTube and it’s brethren. At first I thought I was a John McCain like Maverick with this post, but then I saw something similar on HF forums. Oh well.

This is still a collection of some of the greatest goals ever. If you’re in an argument with someone who says hockey is boring, send them here and wait for their slack jaws to drop.

The Ovechkin Goal

(Perhaps the most astounding goal I’ve ever seen)

For now, I’ll make it “the only embed” for page loading friendliness reasons (maybe I’ll rotate the true must see ones)

Alexander Ovechkin’s top 10

Terrible song, but a pretty good mix of Ovechkin highlights.

Sidney Crosby beats four Rangers D: amazing

Sidney Crosby top 10

The Rick Nash Goal

Johnathan Toews fancy goal

The crazy lacrosse-style goal by a Michigan Wolverine: March 24, 1996
Another link of the Michigan goal

Another crazy lacrosse style goal

Marek Malik’s absurd between the legs shootout winner (thanks to Center Ice, I actually stumbled on this moment LIVE!)

Cycle like the Sedins!

Cycle like the Sedins 2: Cycle Harder!

CLS 3: Cycle with a Vengeance

Assorted Goal Medleys: generally, the highlights get better as the songs get more atrocious

“The 20 best goals ever seen.” (Allegedly)

Some redundant goals here, but great stuff. Seriously, though, these songs keep getting worse.

Ten recent goals. That Datsyuk goal doesn’t get old (and added humor bonus of the Stars uterus-based third jersey).

Top 10 goals when falling. You know it’s a good list when Ovie’s ubiquitous goal vs. Phoenix does not get the No. 1 spot.

Best goals of last season. Hockey gamers will undoubtedly recognize the soundtrack.