For the love of God, hockey blogosphere …

Is it too much to ask that you have your e-mail address on the front page of your blog. It’s like a frickin’ wild goose chase.


4 Responses to “For the love of God, hockey blogosphere …”

  1. Mortimer Peacock Says:

    Is our email address positioning too complicated?I think it’s relatively straightforward, but if it’s a problem PLEASE let me know. -MP

  2. jamestobrien Says:

    It took two scrolls for me to find it, but my only beef is with people who make you go into their bio just to find an e-mail address. Didn’t see any issues with yours.Mine is more prominently placed because the eventual goal is to have numerous guest posts.

  3. OrderedChaos Says:

    Just remember to list it as clevername (at) — if you list a true address with the @ the bots will pick it up and target you for spam.

  4. jamestobrien Says:

    Thanks for the advice, OC. I’ll probably set up a cutesy g-mail account in the next day or so. Get enough spam as it is.

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