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Re-Drafting the League: Vote or Die be annoyed

July 20, 2009
East Coast blog- ahhhs ya feel me?*

In a week or two we’re going to have something approaching a true summer schedule, but it seems obvious that the League Re-Draft idea has enough momentum to dominate most of the CLS happenings right now.

(That being said, expect an Earliest Hockey Memories post on Wednesday, an NHL 10 Wish List post on Thursday and another entertainment related post on Sunday among random bits.)

ANYWAY, since this idea is more than just our baby, we thought we’d pick the collective brains of voters and readers alike. Since we have become weary of Internet based voting since Rory Fitzpatrick got boned by the NHL and Mike Komisarek was a starter in the All-Star game, cast your “votes” in the comments.

Keep in mind that CLS elections could, in fact, be rigged. Nonetheless, share your thoughts. Perhaps they will even be considered (evil Newman-style cackles).

Proposition #1: Salary Cap

Since we are known for being Salary Cap Dorks, it is our strong preference to have a ceiling for how much imaginary spending will be allowed. However, we are lenient tyrants and will bump the cap ceiling up to $57 million. (OK, it’s more about our hatred for decimals but don’t complain)

One thing, though: don’t worry about your team’s budget. We don’t need TOO much reality within our fantasy draft.

Proposition #2: Measurement of Judgment

Right now, we’re thinking that teams could be assessed via a few methods:

1. Performance in a single simulated season of NHL 2010 (and maybe NHL 2K10 if 2K sports sends us a T-shirt HINT!).

Grease the wheels, 2K Sports, grease the effin’ wheels.

2. Pure, simple numbers like points/assists/goals/plus-minus/Russian supermodels shagged.

3. Super in-depth formulas from some of our favorite hockey stat heads, if we can stop giving them Indian burns and pink bellies.

4. We could also do it like College Football does it: have head coaches (aka our armchair GMs) get their interns to rank opposing teams. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to rank your own. Just think of all the bribery (none) and corruption (lots) that will ensue! Eureka!

5. Teams could be judged/lampooned/showered with praise by a nebulous panel of sexperts.

Why don’t you assign my KNUCKLES a Corsi rating?

Proposition #3: Method of Drafting

This one’s going to be decided largely “behind the scenes” but why not give you all a chance to express your opinion? Here’s a few methods we’re pondering with a quick pro/con:

1. Live draft:

Pros: Quick, most like a “real life” draft

Cons: Coordinating 30 schedules = agony, some people might not get to make their picks

2. E-mail:

Pros: Everyone gets to pick, no immediate reactions of laughter and mockery for picking Peter Forsberg in the 5th round

Cons: Could take FOREVER, no immediate reactions of laughter and mockery for picking Peter Forsberg in the 5th round

3. Message Board/Scheduled picks

This would be sort of a hybrid of the two ideas. Have a scheduled time when someone makes the pick, but be a little more flexible with WHEN they can make it.

Pros: Everyone gets to pick

Cons: Unless they miss the deadline

Pros: In which case they will receive Dan Cloutier or Roman Cechmanek. Mouhahahaha.


Anything we haven’t thought of yet? Do tell!


So, what do you think, folks? Express yourself in the comments.

* Sorry, we’re painfully white.