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The urge to re-order Center Ice is now at a Terminator level

February 18, 2009
Don’t even try shooting him, bros.

NHL Center Ice is starting to resemble the mafia. Every time its wonderful hockey coverage seems to fade far off in the horizon, it speeds back up in my metaphorical rear view mirror.

The blame falls on Verizon’s wise choice of a free Center Ice preview (and also on Puck the Media for making me aware of that). You see, after making the HD jump, standard sports events look about as attractive as a naked Roseanne Barr by comparison.

Not sure if I should be scared or aroused. Eh, go with the usual “weeping with an erection” then.

At least tonight, there are two HD games on the schedule. Some might say that my resistance is wavering. In fact, it’s probably more like a scene in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

That guy who’s the brother of the singer from Filter is currently running faster than my car. Edward Furlong is huffing in the backseat. Linda Hamilton looks around with a concerned expression on her semi-masculine yet oddly hot face. It’s all just about a formality at this point.